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beauty by design ginger curtis hardcover book

Beauty By Design by Ginger Curtis

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About the Book

Drawing on lessons learned both personally and professionally, award-winning designer Ginger Curtis walks you through every step of the home design process, from decluttering your space to adding finishing touches that create character and charm.


Book Synopsis

New Beauty Emerges

"Every day we have the opportunity to embrace and celebrate the beauty our homes and lives are designed to express."--Ginger Curtis

Walk through the door and begin the personal journey of creating a sanctuary that reflects who you are--that unique combination of who God made you to be and how you shape life by what matters most.

Award-winning designer Ginger Curtis uses her personal experience to inspire your every step with this truth: You are worthy of beauty. Dream of it. Plan for it. And watch it emerge as you create visual moments, let in color and light, select meaningful treasures, and allow the smallest details to shine.

This is the home made for you. This is beauty by design.

About the Author

Ginger Curtis is the founder of Urbanology Designs in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas and has twice been awarded First Place Designer of the Year by the Interior Design Society. She was also a two-time finalist for HGTV's Faces of Design awards. In addition to design, Ginger brings her passion to her many charitable efforts, including nonprofits working to help victims of global sex trafficking and abuse and several cancer research and awareness organizations



224 pages